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Buying a Home

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Making an Offer on a House

You’ve searched far and wide and have decided that this house is the one. Congratulations!

The next step is writing an offer.

Again, you are probably very happy that you chose an agent for this important step! The offer reads like a contract. The offer includes details of the price you are offering to pay, any home inspection contingencies, items you would like included in the purchase (stove, washer, dryer, etc.), any title contingencies, and a basic timeline for the seller to respond to the offer.

Many times offers are not accepted and the seller will provide a counter offer.
Once the negotiations conclude and an offer is agreed upon by both parties, the contract will be signed one last time. Most offers include an earnest deposit. This lets the sellers know that you are serious about purchasing their home. The check will be deposited and is usually used for closing costs later on.


A thorough home inspection is crucial when buying a home. Purchase offers should always be contingent on a good home inspection. What looks great to the naked eye may have serious issues that only a professional home inspector will find. They will check everything from the foundation, construction, plumbing, electric, heating & air systems, to the interior of windows, doors, appliances, leaks, and levelness of each room. A good home inspection is well worth the money for your future investment.


What you’ve been waiting for – closing time! Closings are timely events, with most contracts specifying a set number of days until the closing. 30 or 45 days may seem like a long time, but it is a very full and busy time! A lot happens in those few days. Often times after an inspection, the seller will have a list of repairs to make prior to closing. As a buyer, you will be busy finalizing lending paperwork. Your agent will make sure this process goes as smoothly as possible. A title check will be completed, homeowners insurance will be lined up, and down payment and closing cost payment arrangements will be made. On the big day you will gather with your new closest friends (admit it, you have spent and probably enjoyed a lot of time with each other at this point), to sign the biggest stack of papers you have ever seen. True story, it’s huge! You will leave holding in your cramped hand, a mortgage, title, and keys to your new home. With a sigh of relief and a smile on your face, you are now officially a homeowner.

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